The Sisters

Bronwyn, Cherie and Janine grew up imagining fantastic characters and wonderful stories. Their childhoods were a kaleidescope of story-telling adventures with all manner of amazing feats and fables given a place in the family. It is no surprise that their combination of life-long creativity and outstanding artistic skills has led to the creation of magical stories for children.


Janine Burchett – Producer & Actress

Janine is an award-winning actress, children’s drama teacher and children's content producer. Her recent acting roles include Shortland Street (TVNZ), The Truth Game (CIRCA), Billy (TVNZ), Rage (TVNZ), Legend of the Seeker and Spartacus. Children flock to Janine’s drama classes and they adore her as the storytelling entertainer Fairy NinaBelle.

Cherie Knott – Fine Artist, Director

A 18, Cherie exhibited solo at the Spoleto Festival at the Venice Biennale and now her paintings and sculptures are in collections around the world. She directed the international award-winning children’s short film ‘Gabriel’. Cherie believes all children deserve imaginative, inclusive stories that help them discover the best in themselves and others.


Bronwyn Knott – Artist

Bronwyn has worked in the film and television industry as a makeup and prosthetics artist on numerous productions including The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong and The Lion The Witch. Bron looks to nature, mythology, architecture and people for her inspiration. She conceived and developed many of Easy Tiger’s favourite characters. They are magical and eco-conscious characters that children love.